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* Aimee's Daily Notes are tips and fun facts for businesses and entrepreneurs. Occasionally, will be PR for special businesses that has a ppositive story or business model. Will post it her daily. A lot of work, but will do our best to keep it up. Weekend Daily Notes will be reading and Gospel for the day. Aimee's Daily News will be archived here.


Yes, it's that time of the year. Yes, after 13 years of serving our business community with this newsletter website, we are ready to move on. We are changing the look and build of

Someone said to me a couple of weeks ago, "Why call it Business PR News when you're not a news media?"

I replied, "It is short for newsletter website built for the business community. It all started back in 2005 when I hosted our first networking event."

As I continued with our story explaining why to the person, he came to realize, why. By the time I finished summarizing the story of our website, He smiled and said, "Aw!"

Instead of writing a long story here, I will share our story in a book later on. Stay tuned for that.

But for now, stay tuned for our new look and new contents for our site.

Stay tuned and stand by for our new look :-)

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