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We're moving our collection of inspirational articles from our other sites to Business PR News.

For many good reasons, we're migrating articles from our other sites to here.  It is important not to have one articles in two places.  So, we are deleting the articles from the other site and migrate them to Business PR News here. 

Because of the migration of articles, our social media sites are going to get packed with new articles from Business PR News.  It'll be fun, but very time consuming. 

So, bear with us as we migrate our articles.  Read them.  They are very interesting articles on interesting stories around the Internet. 


Ellen is excellent in making people laugh.  She is such a positive person to have around and a great show to watch.

At the Oscar this year, she took  a moment and got several major stars to take a selfie with her to tweet on her phone.

She told them that she wanted to have the most retweet on Twitter and she did it!  This selfie photos was retweeted over a million times within an hour, according to the news.  Wow!  Talking about PR!  She was holding the Samsung phone and took that famous selfie with that Samsung phone!!  

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